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Publish Date : 25 November 2017 - 09:15
Khodrocar Reports;
Shutting down the “grey market” or unofficial representatives has been discussed for several times, but experts think that removing the gray market have bad effects on the auto industry.
Khodrocar – since January of 2017 when the first whispers of closing the registration website heard till now, shutting the gray market down has been discussed severally and had positive and negative feedbacks.

Shutting down the gray market depends on different reasons but not having a good after sales service is one of the main reasons. It may have different reasons behind the scene which force the ministry of industry, mine and trade to speed up this procedure.

Now there are some questions like, what will happen to the imported car's market, if unofficial representatives couldn’t use the registration website? Is it okay to cut the share of the private sector of this market and just count on governmental importers? The share of the private sector of this market is 51 percent and cutting them out is going to be worrying.

"Right now, imported car’s market needs, competitor and different kind of products. If we have limitations in the auto market, the verity of products will decrease and the market will go to be exclusivity. Hasan Karimi Sanjari, expert in auto industry said to Khodrocar Reporter.

"This kind of decisions have bad effects on the market. Such as the price bubble that we are facing in imported car’s market after the registration website shut down.” He said. "Controlling the auto importation should have a clear program.”

"Closing the registration website was wrong under any conditions. However, the government said that the volume of importation has increased compared to last year and they closed the website to control the exchange rate, but it was better to think more and set importation targets for each month to prevent the bad effects on the auto market.” Karimi Sanjari added.

"All decisions have their own pros and cons so it needs to have long terms of thinking before execution. Foreign countries are having the proper program to prevent sudden shocks in the market.” He said.

Khodrocar Reporter: Negar Mirkarimi

Khodrocar Translator: Amin Zamani
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