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Publish Date : 25 November 2017 - 15:44
When Ford decided to introduce the Ka+ as the entry-level model in Europe, there were two things the Blue Oval got wrong. First of all, the Ka+ is based on the Figo, which was developed in Brazil. And secondly, Ford blatantly increased the price of the Fiesta to make room for the Ka+.
Khodrocar - Priced at £9,795 in the United Kingdom, the entry-level Studio trim doesn’t offer too much for the money. The Dacia Sandero is cheaper and roomier, the Kia Picanto is better equipped, and so forth. So what did Ford of Europe do to make the Ka+ more attractive to prospective buyers?

Come up with an extremely expensive special edition, of course! Introducing the Color Edition, which builds on the Zetec (£10,795) and costs £12,095. What exactly do you get for the £1,300 on top of the Zetec? If you can believe it, 15-inch alloy wheels painted in black, black badges, grille, side decals, roof, and a rear spoiler.

In that money, Ford includes a selection of exterior paint finishes that sets the Color Edition apart: Bright Yellow, Ruby Red, Sparkling Gold, Oxford White, and Smoke. Pardon me, but who in the hell would buy a Sparkling Gold-painted Ka+ Color Edition instead of getting something better and less obnoxious for the money? To whom it may concern, the Suzuki Ignis starts at £10,999, and the Skoda Fabia is £11,295 OTR.

Ford also dares to say the Ka+ delivers outstanding fuel efficiency and fun-to-drive dynamics, though that’s wrong on both accounts. You want more miles per gallon, you get a turbocharged gasoline or a turbo diesel engine. You want exciting handling, you get the Suzuki Swift, which retails at £11,499.

The bottom line is, the Ka+ Color Edition proves the rhetorical expression "to put lipstick on a pig.” It’s that repulsive of a car.

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