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Publish Date : 27 November 2017 - 19:03
Khodrocar reports from Tehran AutoShow(9);
Just a few days before the start of the second Tehran Autoshow, there were some rumors about IKAP’s surprise for the autoshow and finally they unveiled this surprise.
Khodrocar – IKAP came with a surprise to Tehran Autoshow and that was Peugeot Concept model which shines like a diamond in Shahr-e Aftab. The Concept’s name is "Exalt".

This black diamond has a stretched body shape with a special design including featured lines which made it more desirable. Inside the cabin it has a classic design and it reminds us of French Tuxedos.

"Exalt" first unveiled in Beijing Autoshow and there is only two of this vehicle in the world and Peugeot brought one of them to Tehran Autoshow.

Pierre Foret, Marketing& Sales Deputy Of IKAP told Khodrocar about the concept: "Exalt" is Peugeot’s latest concept car. This concept is the future of Peugeot products and we will inspire our future products from this concept.

He added: "Exalt is a PHEV. It has one internal combustion engine and an electric engine with 70 hp which totally produce 340hp. This concept is a luxury car and it’s interior design is i-cockpit style which introduced with "208” model in 2012."

Foret explains about the interior material of this concept: "We used very expensive wood and tissue for the interior of this car."

He explained about the reason for bringing Exalt to Tehran Autoshow: "This means that Iran is a very important market for us."

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