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Publish Date : 08 December 2017 - 15:54
The color is mostly white but with subtle hints of blue when you look close.
KhodroCar - The McLaren Special Operations (MSO) team has created a special color paying homage to the name of founder Bruce McLaren's family home in Surrey, England. Muriwai White is a special shade of white with subtle hints of blue. It premieres first on a 570S Spider, but customers can specify the paint on any McLaren through MSO.

Bruce's daughter, Amanda McLaren, worked with MSO to come up with the special color that evokes the mix of white paint and blue doors on the family's home in England. The Muriwai name also came from he New Zealand town where her father won his first race at age 15.

"My mother Patty had been at a dinner party with a palm reader, who told her she’d live in a big white house with blue doors and shutters,” Amanda McLaren said in the automaker's announcement of the special color. "Whether by destiny or design, that is what transpired and Muriwai was a place of pride for Bruce and comfort to Patty years after my father’s premature death in 1970 at the age of 32."

The 570S Spider is a supercar that works in any season because of its retracting hardtop. Plus, drivers can lower the rear glass. In his First Drive, Executive Editor Seyth Miersma described this sensation: "Opening the barrier between engine and ear, one is immediately bathed in the kind of urgent tenor that this 3.8-liter V8 loves to sing, and which wakes to a wail when I carefully flex my right foot." 

Now, adventurous owners can even take their Sport Series model out for a drive in the snow because McLaren now offers a winter tire package for them. It includes a set of dark-finished 14-spoke wheels and Pirelli MC Sottozero 3 cold-weather tires. The MC part of the name designates that this rubber is specially tailored for the McLarens.

Source: McLaren
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