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Publish Date : 08 August 2017 - 09:25
Khodrocar reports;
The Renault’s joint venture was signed yesterday while 20 percent of this contract owned by the private sector.
According to Khodrocar journalist, yesterday, after 10 months of negotiation, Renault and IDRO signed a joint venture contract and 20 percent of the contract owned by Renault trade partner in Iran and Negin Khodro turned from an importer to a manufacturer for Symbol and Duster models.

It is for the first time that an Iranian company is becoming a manufacturer instead of an importer.

The main question is: Is there any official importing company related to the major automakers in Iran interested in starting the production and whether these companies can provide services in the form of productive activities?

This statement is expressed in this regard that in recent years, some official agencies wasn’t able to provide an acceptable after sale service and even car deliveries were often delayed.

Mehdi Dadfar told Khodrocar journalist regarding this issue: Negin Khodro’s actions had a huge impact and that was the main reason that Renault began investing in Iran’s market.

This company made Iran a good market for this French carmaker.

Secretary of Iranian Automobile Importers Association emphasized: Considering the market and parent companies’ situation in Iran, there is no economical reason for major companies to start the car manufacturing in Iran but Negin Khodro did well and made Renault to invest in our car market.

Also Farbod Zaveh, an automotive industry expert, said in an interview with Khodrocar: This contract is just an excuse and Renault involved Negin Khodro in order to reduce shares of IDRO. The shares of imported car market is not that huge and there is no economical reason for a major automaker to invest in Iran’s automotive production.

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