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Publish Date : 20 August 2017 - 09:26
The cheapest car of the world which is produced in Iran, will be discontinued next year and considering its price, there is no other car that can be replaced.
Khodrocar – Cheapest car of the world which is produced in Iran, with basic features like two airbags and air condition system (A/C) will discontinue next year. Its alternative options are the cars like Renault Kwid that only has one airbag and single star of safety from the Euro NCAP; Also Kwid is more expensive.

Even the models which are available in India’s automotive market, don’t have a simple air conditioning system.

With these explanations, the important question is: Why is it so hard that the domestic and global automakers can’t find any substitutes for the cheapest car of the world?

Abdollah Babaei, an automotive industry expert, told Khodrocar journalist regarding this issue: Final price of a car consist raw materials prices, financial, manpower and overhead costs. Raw materials pieces consist 70 percent of the final price.

Automotive expert added: Raw materials are basics and the most important part of the production and there is no possibility for cutting the price in this part.

Babaei emphasized: With the supports of the banks, customers can easily buy the other vehicles which will replace this car.

He said at the end: Long-term installment will prepare a situation, which the Iranian customer can buy a new car without any financial pressure.
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