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Publish Date : 24 September 2017 - 14:45
Apparently we're all too stuffy and conservative when it comes to our cars.
Khodrocar - How much do you care about the color of your car? According to Nissan, most of you should care a lot more because the shade you currently have on your car doesn’t match your personality. The automaker recently conducted a poll through Europe about car colors and choices, and came to the conclusion that 86 percent of the people polled have a car that’s absolutely the wrong color for the kind of person they are. Seriously? Yeah, seriously.

Of course, Nissan didn’t just suddenly decide to question everyone’s taste in car colors. The study was done to promote celebrate all the various ways a buyer can customize Nissan’s new Micra hatchback, of which there are many. The subcompact offers 10 different exterior shades to choose from, among them being dynamic-sounding colors such as Energy Orange and Pulse Green. The automaker’s personalization program allows buyers to further liven up the car by adding contrasting shades to numerous exterior and interior bits.

So, if the vast majority of drivers are denying their own subconscious the colorful existence for which it yearns, what colors should we be seeing on cars? Nissan’s survey received 5,000 responses throughout Europe and found two-thirds went for conservative shades such as silver, gray, or black. However, through a series of personality-revealing questions, Nissan believes the majority of people should actually drive something "high-energy” like bright orange.

What are these personality questions you ask? Nissan doesn’t say exactly, but the automaker does have a new Facebook Chatbot you can visit that will ask mind-bending questions like if you more resemble a dog or a cheetah, and yes, that’s one of the actual questions. Through your answers, the Chatbot will then tell you the perfect color you should choose for your new Nissan Micra, which for us was Pulse Green. We are psychology pros, but you should probably take it all with a grain of salt.

How about we do a little informal survey right here. What color do you want on a car, or does it simply not make that big of a difference for you to be concerned with such things?

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