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Publish Date : 12 October 2017 - 10:55
Italian brand now charges 7% more for V8 models and 4% more for V12s.
From the 1st January, UK dealerships for the Maranello car maker will ask for 7% more on V8 models and 4% more for V12s. The price increases will also affect customers with cars currently on order that are not due to make production before that date.

The hikes affect all six of its road cars apart from the V8-engined GTC4 Lusso T, while the brand’s racing car, the 488 Challenge, remains unchanged as well. Pricing for the recently revealed Portofino drop-top, successor to the California T, is yet to be confirmed, so that car’s opening figure will also be unaffected by the changes.

This means the cheapest car to be impacted is the 488 GTB (above), which uses a mid-mounted 3.9-litre turbocharged V8. It goes up from £183,984 to £196,863. Of the V12s, the lowest cost car to be affected is the GTC4 Lusso (below), which is now priced from £240,402  - up from £231,310.

Ferrari told Autocar that the increases were not related to the weakness of the pound or economic uncertainty, but rather part of the regular practice of price updates undertaken by almost all manufacturers.

A spokesman said that the UK wasn’t subject to the last increase for Europe, which saw prices go up by 5% in 2016. The latest 2017 cost update is in line with the rest of Europe, so effectively still leaves British prices one step behind those on the continent.

"The UK is also the only market Ferrari offers a four year warranty on its cars,” said the spokesman. "Everywhere else is three years.”

Source: Autocar
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