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Publish Date : 12 November 2017 - 10:45
Right by the time the cold seasons of the year reaches the cities, public transportation usage turns into a serious and painful trouble that no one has done nothing about throughout all these years.
Khodrocar – It is as simple as it is disturbing and terrible. The question is, should the heaters have turned on in public transportation vehicles in winter or cold weather? Most people would respond positive before they take much time thinking it over one more time. Thinking about it more carefully it at least becomes clear that the answer is not a clear-cut, Yes response.

In cold weather, people around the globe wear thick and warm clothes in order to protect themselves from cold. Now imagine someone has worn enough clothes to relax in Zero degrees Celsius weather and then, enters a public transport mean, such as subway train or a bus, where the windows are all sealed shut and the heaters are on full power, juts because it is Winter!

The least that happens to individuals in such circumstances is rapid sweating that later on leads to flue, back and kidney pain. Easier transfer of contagious diseases in hot moist weather of airtight places is another outcome of inappropriate temperature setting.

Next time taking a subway train, pay more attention to the cold weather injected from outside in, to hold the balance between the outside temperature with the inside so people would not be bothered with drastic difference between the two places’ temperatures. No matter the season, the proper temperature in public transportation vehicles must be set in a logical relation with how people have covered themselves. It seems that the somebody needs to take responsibilities of such simple matter in order not to bother more passengers of public transportation system.

Mostafa Anisi, Editor in Chief at
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