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Publish Date : 13 November 2017 - 08:15
Large industrial workshops’ production index statistics of the last year indicates improvements in automobile production situations. Yet, some economists believe that growth in automobile production in the country does not necessarily include high-quality production vehicles and at many points last recent years’ productions were way better in quality.

Khodrocar – Automobile production played a leading role in automotive industry’s growth in past three years, but some believe that domestic productions face a major drop in quality leading it to lose the chance to compete in global market.

Albert Boqziyan, Tehran University Professor, told Khodrocar journalist referring to the importance of automotive industry in economic growth and the development of other industries: "Not only the automotive industry experienced no notable progress but also blocking all entrances to import vehicles to the country by the excuse of increase in production and quality, will not cause the domestic vehicle production rate to increase.”

Boqziyan referred to not following up the automotive industry’s latest evolutions as the main neglected part of the industry: "The industry did not follow up the global automotive evolutions because the dignity of the automotive industry was not being met. The dignity is in the automaker to be proud of what it produces. Therefore it is not out of two options, either produce the product with quality or do not let the product enter the market.”

Boqziyan referred to some high quality vehicles from years past and went on: "Iran National Paykan model 1347 and Kia Pride model 1382 were way ahead of recently produced Peugeot 206 and Saipa Tiba in the matter of quality inspections. The automaker must not drop quality just to increase the production volume. We are under unpleasant situations caused by sanctions and economic pressures, yet the vehicles must be produced with the highest quality as possible. Is not that a fact that Volks Wagon produced vehicles even during WWII?”

"An automotive manager must know that producing two high-quality car models worth way more than producing a hundred low quality vehicles. Some parts are not easily assembled on vehicles showing that car makers cannot produce parts better in quality.” Added Bogziyan.

He that people go for import vehicles because they are looking for quality. Some domestic car makers cannot satisfy this need for people, on the other hand they produce low quality vehicles and a bad feeling is conveyed to the final user. That is why some of the domestically produced vehicles are presented in the country by some nasty slogans by the mob.

Khodrocar Journalist: Negar Mirkarimi

Khodrocar Translator: Mostafa Anisi

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