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Publish Date : 13 November 2017 - 14:07
This one is going to be big in Mexico! JE Design has been making body kits for the SEAT Leon since the first generation. Right now, they're about the only tuning company to do so, and their latest project car registers highly on the Ricer Scale.
Khodrocar - JE's kit only evolved slightly since the debut of the Leon 5F. And by the way, you can have the same look on an FR model with an average diesel. But what's different at the front of the car are the overlays that go under the fog lights, they're a lot more intricate now, and stand out further thanks to yellow paint accents.

It's nice that the tuner has stuck to its own design language rather than copying the Rocket Bunny like everybody else. The fender flares fit cleanly with the body of the hot hatchback, matching the paint finish as well. We think it looks a little bit like the W204 C63 and the W164 ML 63. However, we have a sneaking suspicion that all the vents you see in the rear 3/4 view are fakes - they don't cool any brakes.

Do you need fender flares? You do when your Leon has been fitted with 10x20-inch wheels, wrapped in 265/25 Hankook S1-Evo tires. However, we'd go with something a little more exotic-looking. Has anybody ever installed Bentley wheels on a SEAT?

The JE Design sports sprint set lowers the car 20mm while preserving the DCC adjustability. The crow on top of the lion's head is a yellow trunk lid spoiler, held in place by massive buttresses. It's a little ugly for our taste, but at least it comes with three levels of adjustment.

The factory twin exhaust system has been replaced by an aftermarket one with quad tips, and it's got a sound flap system, controlled via the SEAT driving profile selection system.

Finally, there's the 2-liter engine, which has gone up from 300 to 380 HP and from 380 Nm to 480 Nm of torque. It could match the old RS3 in a drag race... if the hatchback had AWD.

Source: Autoevolution
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