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Publish Date : 13 November 2017 - 14:51
Vice president and Jurisconsult of Brilliance said;
Brilliance is developing the cooperation with Pars Khodro and they will start producing two new vehicles in near future.
Khodrocar - "Our cooperation with Iranian partner is developing and the production of "Jin B" will start in the near future." Deng Feng, vice president and jurisconsult of Brilliance said.

"We are satisfied by the Pars Khodro and this company is one of the best automakers with high quality in Iran." He continued. "Brilliance has a good share of Iran's auto market and considered as one of the successful Chinese companies in Iran."

"Brilliance has gained trust among the Iranian customers and we are planning to import new products such as SUVs to Iran's market soon." Deng Feng added.

Iran will be the center of Brilliance Exportation in the region

"Iranian experts are mighty and capable to do anything. We have plans to change Iran's role and make them our exportation hub in the region. Brilliance and its Iranian partner can have common programs in exportation too." He said.

"Since the establishment of "one seatbelt – one road" plan from china president, we decided to use the potentials and capabilities of our Iranian partner more." Deng Feng added.

Producing 5 types of BMW vehicles in Brilliance

"We have a 50-50 joint venture company with BMW and 5 types of their products are assembled in China such as 5 series and 3 series. Also, this cooperation is developing in the field of EVs." He said.

"We are not allowed to represent or produce the BMW products in other countries." The vice president of Brilliance answered to Khodrocar reporter regarding to the question of being Brilliance have plans to produce BMW models in Iran or be the representative of the German company in Iran?

Khodrocar Translator : Amin Zamani

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