VW's Seat drops plans to enter Iranian market

Volkswagen Group's Spanish unit Seat is no longer looking at the possibility of entering the Iranian car market, saying it needs to concentrate instead on boosting growth in its core markets in Europe, northern Africa and Latin America.

Toyota Says They Will Have Intelligent Talking Cars by 2020

Toyota will begin testing its autonomous cars in 2020, which will be able to converse with their drivers to enhance the driving experience. The automaker's cars will be able to track a user's preferences, emotions, habits, and more.

Porsche Unveils 718 Boxster And Cayman GTS For 2018

More horsepower, more black trim, and a six-speed manual are all standard equipment

Toyota Fine-Comfort Vehicle Concept Aims To Be A Premium Sedan

Ok, the name isn't that great, but this six-seater is quite interesting.

Fancy buying a crash-damaged car?

Here’s what you need to know, from Category A to N

Why your next car will be electric?

For the past two decades a storm has been brewing, creating the perfect conditions for the electric car to kill the internal combustion engine.

New conditions for automotive registration waiting for government's approval

Iran’s Minister of Industry said: Some changes have been made in automotive registration law and it is now waiting for approval by the government.

Dash cams could soon upload crash footage to 999 services

Dash cam tech set to use the ‘cloud’ to alert emergency services more quickly.
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