Auto Part Maker Solely Goes for IKCO’s Share

Samand Investments Co. announced a couple of days ago to give away its 15.8 percent share in IKCO through auction. Rumor has it that an auto part maker company is about to buy all of this share solely.

Renault Buys Stake In Media Company To Entertain Self-Driving Car Passengers

As part of an ambitious plan to deploy fully-autonomous cars within the next five years, French automaker Renault said on Wednesday that it purchased a 40 percent stake in a media company to entertain passengers in driverless vehicles.

Lexus LC F getting 621-hp V8?

Lexus won't release the LC F until 2019, according to an insider.

10 most expensive cars in the world

At $1.6 million, the fastest car in the world is a downright bargain.

Ford Analyzed Pro Racers' Brains To Understand Concentration

In early November, Ford Performance announced its intent to collaborate with King's College London and tech firm Unit9 to perform brain scans using a head-mounted electroencephalogram.

5 Things for Your Car That Are a Complete Waste of Money

This is nothing new. The automotive aftermarket is a multibillion-dollar industry. And if there’s money to be made, there are people out there running scams. From fuel additives to decor, there’s an incredible amount of junk out there. And unfortunately, plenty of people are happy to buy it without asking questions.

In London, Design Museum goes beneath the skin of Ferrari

Some might say, oh, here’s another Ferrari exhibition, haven’t there been enough already in 2017 celebrating the company’s the 70th anniversary?

5 Most Hated Cars of All Time

people have always loved their cars, and that love might sometimes seem unconditional. If you ever check the sales charts, you’ll be surprised to see poorly reviewed vehicles logging tens of thousands of sales in a year. No matter how many problems a car has, the sheer volume of the U.S. market can keep it afloat.
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