New Sanctions threaten Renault and Peugeot in Iran

Nowadays, there are mesmerizes about the possibilities of United States’ new sanctions against Iran and this could affect the commercial activities of Iran’s French partners such as Total, Renault and Peugeot.

Why your next car will be electric?

For the past two decades a storm has been brewing, creating the perfect conditions for the electric car to kill the internal combustion engine.

New conditions for automotive registration waiting for government's approval

Iran’s Minister of Industry said: Some changes have been made in automotive registration law and it is now waiting for approval by the government.

Dash cams could soon upload crash footage to 999 services

Dash cam tech set to use the ‘cloud’ to alert emergency services more quickly.

Daimler Team's Quirky Project Turns You Into An Autonomous Car

You can already take control of an autonomous vehicle and see the feed from its sensors in VR.

The Week's Most Important Car Numbers

From a virtual supercar to a mustang 2018 fuel economy, these are the most important numbers of the week.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk reveals he owns two gas cars

The iconic billionaire founder and CEO of electric vehicle powerhouse Tesla, Elon Musk, reveals he owns two cars that run on gasoline.

DS Iran Executive Manager: Buyers do not Pay Enough Attention to Hi-Tech Options

Last Thursday the second series of DS Iran potential buyers test drive was held in Eram amusement park’s huge parking lot, with the presents of all available DS models in Iran.
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