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Publish Date : 11 November 2017 - 11:30
Its bones still date back to 2010, but the styling refresh is a definite improvement.
Khodrocar - 2010 is when we were first introduced to the second iteration of Infiniti’s full-size sport-utility vehicle. Back then it was known as the QX56, but this latest refresh for 2018 still shares much with that machine, right down to the 5.6-liter, 400-horsepower V8. In the fast-paced world of SUV evolution, eight years without significant changes may as well be a lifetime, but we’ll give the sort-of new QX80 some credit. The styling refresh does help this larger-than-life luxury hauler look much more comfortable in its own skin.

"The new INFINITI QX80 has been designed and engineered to allow customers to travel everywhere in luxury," said Christian Meunier, Infiniti global division vice president. "It strengthens the brand’s position in the global full-size SUV segment, which currently accounts for more than half of all full-size luxury car sales around the world.”

The obvious change is the grille, which expands to cover considerably more real estate on the front end. The headlamps are also lifted, bringing them more in line with the top of the grille as opposed to the bottom on the outgoing model. A new lower fascia with broader openings continues the bigger-is-better theme, and while all the changes on their own are rather subtle, they combine to help the QX80 actually look like a big SUV instead of a bulky three-row Frankenstein with a sedan nose grafted on the front. In short, it’s a big improvement.

Other subtle design changes can be found with new vents on the fenders as well as new skin for the rear fascia and gate, flanked by updated rear taillights. Much of these updates were previewed on the Monograph Concept earlier this year, though the bonkers rear exhaust outlets on the concept thankfully didn’t make the transition to production.

Inside, changes are far less obvious. The same familiar layout will greet driver and passengers, though new stitching patterns for the seats and door freshen things a bit. The same holds true for all the mechanicals, with everything carrying over unchanged.That means a body-on-frame construction with the aforementioned V8, powering either the rear wheels or all four through a seven-speed automatic. 

Infiniti says the refreshed 2018 QX80 is in production now and will go on sale by the end of the year.

Source: Infiniti
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